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How to pack summer essentials to store during the winter season

Tuesday, January 22, 2019
Storage unit is the perfect way to gear yourself for new season. Not only these storage spaces are used to store unnecessary stuff to declutter house but are also helpful to store personal belongings which are less likely to be used in particular weather and needs to be stored very cautiously.

As winters are approaching, you may be looking for a place to store many items which are particularly used in summers and will be no use to you during coming season. Finding a storage unit near you is the perfect solution, as not only it will help you to make space for your winter season stuff but will also help you to keep your items safely to be used in next winters.

What all can be stored during winter season
  • Clothes
  • Outdoor furniture which is likely to get damaged when temperature drops down
  • Sports equipments which is not to be used in winters
  • Machinery which is of no use in winters and might get damaged in extreme cold.
Right time to look for a storage space

It is recommended to rent a storage space well before winters. There are two reasons behind the same, one is that you might not get the storage space of your choice at the last moment and secondly by the time winters will start you will already be done with your packing and storing things in one of these storage units. Doing things well in advance will save you from forgetting any unattended stuff. Also, in winters you may not want to do so much of hassle because of extreme weather.

What to do before you pack the items

It is really important to look into the specific details before packing. There are certain things which needs to be considered in order to ensure that items do not get damaged while stored in storage unit.
  • Make sure that each and every item you are planning to store is very well dry before packing. No level of moisture is acceptable as in winters things are likely to get damaged due to presence of water particles.
  • Make sure to keep stuff like mothballs or camphor, these things will help to avoid any smell in your clothes. Also, it will help to keep insects and moths away from your clothes. They are not 100% effective but by using these chances of clothes getting damage reduced.
  • Keep check on your items. Wherever you are storing your items, there is no harm of checking them once in a month. It will help you to know if there is any damage happening and if yes you can always control that damage by saving the same at an early stage.
  • Try not to use plastic bags and cardboards rather use containers which are dry and clean. Plastic bags can get moisture and cardboards can invite moths where as close lid plastic containers are less likely to get moisture.
So, next time when you start packing for winter season, keep these things in mind to save your belongings from getting damaged.

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