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3 Beauty Pageant Contestants That Shocked the World

Friday, February 8, 2019
There are several renowned beauty pageants today, and these include Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss International, and Miss Earth. These beauty contests serve as an inspiration among women who want to showcase to the world not only their physical but inner beauty as well. These pageants have produced world-renowned beauty queens and celebrities, which adds up to the reasons why many women aspire to become a legitimate beauty queen.

Over the years, beauty pageants around the world were not spared from controversies and scandals. No pun intended, but there can be an ugly truth to these beauty contests. Although these issues are not new, they still do not fail to shock and upset people who religiously follow such contests. Below are some of the most controversial and eyebrow-raising incidences in various beauty contests and contestants in history.

Carrie Prejean – Rewind to year 2009 when the topic of same-sex marriage was getting so much news headlines. The controversy started when popular blogger Perez Hilton asked Carrie Prejean (Miss California) about her stand on same-sex marriage. The said contestant surprised many as she firmly responded that she is against same-sex marriage and only supports opposite-sex marriage. The controversy even grew larger when Hilton, an openly gay blogger, posted his rants on his blog. Miss California was crowned second place. Months after, racy photos of Prejean surfaced, which eventually caused her crown.

Laura Zuniga – After being crowned the 2008 Miss Hispanic America, Laura Zuniga was arrested and detained with seven others including her boyfriend. The beauty queen was detained for racketeering, drug trafficking, weapons violations, and money laundering. Reports said that authorities caught Zuniga’s group with several 9-mm pistols, semiautomatic rifles, and $53,000 in cash. Reports furthered that Zuniga is connected to a drug trade group in Mexico.

Vanessa Williams – Adorned by fans for being the first African-American Miss America, in 1983, many thought Vanessa Williams will have a smooth-sailing reign. However, after several months holding the crown, she was put into spotlight for bad reasons. On July 1984, photos of her in nude surfaced, creating scandal in the United States. Reports said that the photos were taken a year before it surfaced, when she had a stint as a photographer’s assistant. The photos were published by Penthous magazine. Due to the mounting pressure from Miss USA’s officials, Williams gave up her crown. However, it was only the start for her career as she was able to bounce back gracefully.

It is not easy to become a beauty queen, especially if many eyes are on you. Critics will try their best to drag you down. Becoming popular and controversial are inevitable, especially if you are considered one of the most beautiful in the world.

While others are doing their best to become beauty contest winners, others are trying to become the best stylists and beauty experts. Beauty contestants cannot fully show their beauty potentials without the help of stylists, makeup artists, fashion designers, and beauty experts. As it is, many people are dreaming of becoming the best beauty expert. Because of this, it is no longer uncommon to see schools offering short courses on beauty therapy, barbering, hairdressing, and makeup. The presence of beauty school in different parts of the world is a clear sign that many people are striving to become beauty authorities.

There is a lucrative business behind aesthetics and fitness. Many companies have gained success in selling and manufacturing beauty products, fashionable accessories, hairstyling products, and the like. Simply put, if you want to become rich in the world of beauty and fitness, you should take your short courses and career seriously and chances are, you will get a good break – maybe styling beauty contestants and beauty queens.