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Open an online store: Some Basics aspects to keep in mind

Monday, April 29, 2019

Opening an online store is not something that can be done overnight, at least if you want your online store to have an extensive route and become an important source of income.

In this post I review aspects that must be evaluated and taken into account before starting an e-commerce project like Totoro.  

The product

Ø  It seems obvious, but it is not easy to read review find one or several products with which to start creating an online store.
Ø  If you already have a physical store you can take your catalog (or a part of it) and transfer it to the Internet.
Ø  But if you are new you will have to start by choosing a product that you know and with which you feel comfortable.
Ø  In any case, it is always important to have knowledge about the product and the sector when starting an e-commerce project.


Ø  If you already have a physical store and your products are going to be the same, it is likely that you already have your trusted supplier.
Ø  But if you start from scratch you will have to take into account different aspects such as minimum orders, delivery times, and channels and claim deadlines in case of problems with the products.
Ø  One of the things that I have seen a lot in recent months is that the managers of online stores try to bring all their products from China from the beginning.
Ø  It is not something that is wrong, but you have to investigate and know the pros and cons of this type of providers to avoid unpleasant surprises within a few months of starting the project or even before starting it and setting up an online business.

The competition

Ø  If you want to start selling a certain product, and I'm referring to online sales , you have to be able to see who your competition is (both online and offline).
Ø  You will have to analyze it and see if you are able to measure up or stand out from them.
Ø  Nowadays, almost any business has competition and if you do not find it you have to ask yourself why.

Do not forget that they are already one step ahead of us in e-commerce issues.

To analyze the online competition, at least from my point of view, it is important to have tools that, in a simple and quick way, allow you to obtain a lot of data of what will be your main competitors.

Another aspect to value of these online stores is the price of their products . We have to compare them with those we can offer and see if we can enter to compete with them.