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A new jewelry style: Black diamonds

Tuesday, May 14, 2019
Black diamonds are very popular in jewelry and fine jewelry. They allow making jewelry of a new and very contemporary style when they are mounted on pink gold, brown gold or blackened gold for example, with colored stones (emerald, sapphire, ruby, ...) that they put particularly in value or with colorless diamonds for a very fashionable black-and-white contrast. Most of the time, they are small diamonds called "scrums" used in paving. Black diamonds have undeniably contributed to the rise of mixed and masculine jewelry. Their sober and discreet sparkle on gold or silver is particularly popular with men and the younger generation of women and men. Often set on simple, modern and more accessible jewelry, the black diamond is also highly appreciated as it brings a truly innovative style with striking color contrasts.

The black gems

Black diamonds are black gems with extraordinary beauty, but we still know a lot about their origins. White or colored diamonds are found in the deepest layers, but black diamonds are found almost in the upper layers almost below the surface of the earth. The nickname of the black diamond was Chop during the first discovery by the Portuguese who lived in Brazil in the mid-18th century. They chose the name because the black diamond looked like coal.

The black diamond is so hard that it takes 20 tons of hydraulic press to solve it. Some people argue that it is impossible to cut black diamonds because of this extraordinary violence. Black diamonds are mainly found in Brazil and the Central African Republic. Its dimensions vary from nano to micrometer.

There is no consensus on the formation of black diamonds. Some believe it is the result of the affiliation of some ore below the earth's crust, but its carbon isotope composition shows that this black diamond was formed by the impact of a meteorite. Several explanations have been raised about the formation of these stones and their higher hardness than standard diamonds. The last is a unique structure formed from crystals while diamonds have a structure with a complex woven consisting of several thousand small crystals.

The origin of black diamonds

There are 2 popular theories about the appearance of black diamonds. The first considers that this stone was formed by the impact of meteorites, while the second claims that it is the result of a chemical reaction with the presence of coal on the ground. Scientists at the University of Miami have been studying black diamonds for years. The latest findings show traces of the impact of meteorites.

Unique features

One of the essential characteristics of this stone is that it does not diffuse light, because of its black color. Indeed, any collection black-diamond is composed of a multitude of microscopic inclusions of graphite or hematite that absorb the light and give the stone its unique luster.

Black diamonds are a current trend and anyone who is serious about making many people dazzled should not ignore them.