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Which epilator is the best for smooth skin-corded or cordless?

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Who does not love silky and smooth skin that grows beauty? Certainly, everyone! No doubt healthy and glazy skin is obtained only by a balanced diet. But beauticians say that with balanced diet removing of skin hair may also give you brighter skin and you will be more attractive from others when you do so. There are different methods and techniques that will lead you to hair removal. The unwanted hair may also be removed from the bikini area, underarm fuzz, etc.

How you remove your unwanted hair: If you want extra smooth skin immediately, then removing of hair is one of the best options so far. You may do it by yourself or by visiting any beauty parlor which costlier one. If you do it by yourself at home, the little knowledge about how to remove hair or what technique is better is enough for you. There are different techniques like-

·         Shaving,
·         Waxing,
·         Use of depilatory cream,
·         Laser technique for hair removal,
·         Tweezing,
·         Plucking,
·         Epilation, etc.

Among them, epilation is one of the best methods for unwanted hair removal. It’s an easy technique that helps you to remove hair with your little knowledge. It is also a safe process which offers long-lasting hair removal.

What is epilation: Epilation isthe process of removing unwanted hair with a machine known as ‘Epilator’. As it removes hair from the root, the process is long-lasting as compared to the other processes. This electrical device removes hair from the roots. This epilation is done by a machine called ‘Epilator’. This epilation is done in two ways- dry epilation and wet epilation. In dry epilation, no water is used to remove hair, but in wet epilation, moister is used.

Types of epilator: Different types of epilator is available in the market with different prices and configuration to know more visit here: Some of the well-known types are-

·         Rotating Disc Type Epilators,
·         Tweezer Type Epilators,
·         Corded and cordless epilator,
·         Manual vs Electric Epilators,
·         Wet epilators & dry epilator etc.

Corded and cordless epilator: An attached cord is availablein a  corded epilator. This cord is plugged into the electrical board in the wall and when you switch on the corded epilator starts functioning. In the past, this type of epilator is used. The dry epilator is a type of corded epilator. A corded epilator is not used in water. For regular users of epilator corded one is not at all a big deal.

Now-a-days cordless epilator is used widely. This type of epilator is run on battery and more convenient to use and carry, so more convenient for traveling. It is less powerful than the corded one. It is slower than corded one, so easy to operate. For a new user, the cordless one is the best option. As it moves gently, it plucks skin hair without less pain. 

So, if you are the new user, try to use the cordless one rather than a  corded one. You can operate it by yourself without fear at any time and any situation. If you keep brows groomed or remove hair probably cordless one is the best.