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Serious Illnesses You Could Get by Staying Overweight

Monday, November 11, 2019

One of the many health concerns that many Australian men are facing right now is obesity, so much so that the medical community has considered it an epidemic. Obesity is a condition wherein a person has accumulated an excessive amount of body fat to the point that he or she is at greater risk of suffering from numerous health problems. For the most part, it is brought about by excessive food intake, and lack of exercise or any physical activity. In some cases, it is brought about by genetics, medical reasons, or even psychiatric ailments. There are other factors for obesity, but one thing is for sure; it negatively impacts one’s overall health

The epidemic that is obesity is truly an alarming public health concern, much like how people perceived of malnutrition and the spread of infectious diseases. Hence, weight loss for men suffering from obesity is extremely important. Obesity results in shorter life expectancy due to its association with certain diseases and ailments. Indeed, most of the conditions related to obesity target the major organs of the body, including the heart and the liver. Here are some of them:

·         Coronary heart disease – The increase in the body-mass index (BMI) likewise heightens the risk of obtaining this disease. With plaque (atheroma) build-up in the heart’s arteries (the blood vessels that carry oxygen-rich blood to the heart), blood flow may be restricted, causing either angina or a heart attack.

·         Stroke – Stroke happens when the brain does not get sufficient oxygen due to restricted blood flow brought about by the build-up of plaque in the arteries. It could be either ischemic or hemorrhagic; ischemic strokes are due to the interruption of blood supply in the brain, while hemorrhagic strokes are due to a blood vessel rupture that forms a blood clot.

·         Hypertension or high-blood pressure – Having hypertension means that the blood pressure in the arteries is higher than normal. High-blood pressure causes strain to the heart as pumping blood in and out of it becomes difficult. Considered as one of the major factors for heart disease, it increases as people age and gain weight. As people reach obese weight levels, the blood volume and arterial resistance tends to increase as well. It causes stroke, artery aneurysm, and other diseases involving the arteries.

·         Diabetes – Another health risk of obesity is diabetes, particularly Type 2. It is characterized with high blood sugar levels due to the fact that cells that are responsible for carrying glucose (the byproduct of the breakdown of food) cannot anymore respond to the function of the hormone insulin, which is turn glucose into energy. With the body resistant to insulin, the blood sugar levels can’t be controlled, causing the disease. Type 2 diabetes further increases the risks of an obese person to suffer from early death, coronary heart disease, stroke, and even blindness. If you have high sugar level, then it is best to get your food from a health food store online as it will offer you hundreds of healthy food options.

·         Sleep apnea – Formally known as obstructive sleep apnea, it is a condition that is characterized with repeated pauses in breathing while a person is sleeping. With symptoms like snoring and restlessness while sleeping, this is often common in people with obesity. The accumulation of fat around the neck may cause the narrowing of the airways, which makes it hard for people to breathe.

·         Cancer – Obesity can increase the risk of developing certain types of cancers by about 50 percent. Cancer of the colon, the breasts, and gallbladder are some of the ailments associated with people with obesity.

If you don’t change your lifestyle and your diet, it is not impossible to contract any of the mentioned serious health problems. Start living a healthier life; it’s never too late! You can start with little steps. You can do light workouts and start substituting unhealthy snacks with health food store online products. However, don’t overdo things as it may cause adverse effects on your body. The secret is to do things gradually until your body starts to adapt to the changes.