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These Are The Best BB Creams That'll Even Your Skin Tone And Protect You From Aging

Tuesday, March 24, 2020

A BB Cream, or Beauty Balm Cream should be a one stop, lightweight product suitable for everyday use. It will have superior hydration when compared to a regular foundation, while giving you more coverage than a typical tinted moisturiser.

Your BB Cream should be a powerful tool in your makeup bag as it evens your skin tone and adds vitality to a dull complexion. The best BB Creams come with anti-aging properties and added sun protection. Remember, if you choose a product with less than SPF 30 you will need to pair it with a regular sunscreen.

Here are our favourite anti aging BB Creams that will improve the appearance of your skin, and offer protection against aging caused by the elements. With something to suit every age and budget, we know you will discover a product you love:

Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35

Bobbi Brown is a trusted brand and has a reputation for quality products. Their BB Cream with SPF 35 really does stand out in the crowded market place as it ticks all of our beauty boxes. The Bobbi Brown BB Cream smooths the skin to create a youthful appearance, while offering you protection from the sun. The sunscreen content is fairly high for this type of product as it sits at SPF 35.

As it brightens, the moisturising properties minimise the appearance of fine lines, and help to prevent dryness. There are six shades to choose from and it is suitable for most skin types.

Innoxa Anti Ageing Tinted CC Cream

Next on our list is the Anti Ageing Tinted CC Cream from Innoxa. Technically CC stands for Colour and Correct, but it is just a fancier version of a BB Cream. It has a matte finish and medium coverage that can be built up for those who like the versatility of a lightweight look for day, and a heavier look for night.

Vitamin E and Orange Oil are the key ingredients that moisturise while disguising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. With regular use you should notice the condition of your skin improving, and you may even see those age spots fading. There is no added fragrance so it is ideal for sensitive skin, and the best selling Anti Ageing Tinted CC Cream from Innoxa contains SPF 30 for added sun protection. 

Chi Chi Super BB Cream

The multipurpose Super BB Cream from Chi Chi is on our list of winners. This can be used as a lightweight foundation or a smoothing primer to disguise any redness or imperfections before your regular foundation. There are 5 shades to choose from and it comes complete with SPF 30 and a light, breathable finish.

This BB Cream contains Collguard, which is a form of Collagen designed to fight wrinkles, and Caviar Extract for smoothing and hydrating dull skin. With botanical ingredients your skin will feel plump and fresh, and the Super BB Cream by Chi Chi can be worn everyday.

Clarins Skin Perfecting BB Cream

For a barely there, fresh look try the Skin Perfecting BB Cream from Clarins. This is available in light or medium, and will instantly revitalise tired, dry skin. There are no added sulphates and this can be used as both a preventative measure from your 20’s, to a combative treatment for aging throughout your lifetime.

Katafray and hyaluronic acid work hard to keep your skin moisturised while giving it a burst of softness. Organic kiwi extract is for radiance, and there are anti-pollution properties making it ideal for city goers. The Skin Perfecting BB Cream from Clarins has SPF 25.

Nivea Sun UV Face Tinted BB Cream

On a budget? A BB Cream doesn’t have to break the bank, and the Nivea Sun UV Face Tinted BB Cream is an affordable addition to this list. We know the sun is one of the biggest contributing factors to aging, and this product excels in this area with SPF 50! The non greasy formula has antioxidants and has been tested for application around the delicate facial zones.

While there is only one shade, it is adaptable to a range of skin tones and is ideal for those days where spending time outdoors is unavoidable. This is a light moisturiser and sunscreen that you can wear daily.

Maintaining Healthy Skin Throughout Your Lifetime

The right BB Cream will have sun protection and other anti aging properties. It should be suitable for your specific skin type and individual requirements.

In addition to adequate sun protection, you can maintain your skin’s health with regular skin and mole checks. Changes to your skin might not just be a symptom of ageing, and damage such as skin cancer will require treatment.