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Six Major Jewelry Trends to Follow This Season

Friday, July 24, 2020

A piece of jewelry is more than enough to glam up your look. Every time you need to add that pinch of sophistication to your appearance, jewelry comes to your rescue. A set of real diamond rings, chunky necklaces, and statement earrings make you look even more amazing. There are plenty of options to explore. From subtle to bold fashion statement pieces, mentioned below are trendy jewelry ideas that are likely to take center stage this season. 
Let’s take a look!!

# 1. Animal Motif Jewelry

If you are a hardcore animal lover, this is the jewelry you ought to own. From fish charms hanging off the bracelet to elephant pendant bejeweling your neckline, designers have found a new way to embrace animals into jewelry. These pieces with animal prints and motifs boast an amazing look. These are playful pieces with an upgrade from your childhood accessories. 

# 2. Statement Chokers

Statement chokers are in all rage this season. Fitting snugly around neck these neckpieces have been grabbing attention on a wide scale. Throughout the season these necklaces have dolled up models’ necklines. This hot accessory has taken all limelight with its versatility. Wear it individually or in layers, with V-neck dresses or knitted cardigans, these neckpieces will never disappoint you. 

# 3. Hoops Earrings

Earrings will never go out of fashion. They just keep on advancing in terms of style. Currently trending is the oversized hoops. These are delicate, elegant, and won’t cost you much. Renowned jewelry designers have come up with plenty of options for hoop earrings. Be it material, size, or style these circlets will only grow on striking a statement. 

# 4. Charms and Flowers:

With endless options of personalization, the statement charms jewelry is grabbing all limelight. Be it in bracelets, necklaces, earrings, or anklets, charms are very much in vogue. Try and test for different patterns stars, flowers, bells, or anything, you have full freedom to express yourself with the beautiful wee charms. 

# 5. Diamond Solitaire

You can never go wrong with solitaire ring designs. Exuding finesse, simplicity, and glamour, these rings are likely to rule trends for decades. Apart from the ring, you can get sparking solitaire incorporated in your earrings and pendants. Ideal for all occasions and all outfits, solitaire diamond jewelry is a luxury to own. 


# 6. Drop Earrings

Think of sleek designs, vibrant hues, precious stones, and jewel tones, and your fab drop earrings are here to stay on fashion trends this year too. Revamped with a pinch of a twist on older styles, these earrings are assuredly going to add compliments and beauty to your look. The graceful drop earrings are best to jazz up your spring summer evening looks. 

The Parting Words…

So, these are the top six jewelry trends for the season. Go ahead and shop without waiting a minute longer. Check out the exotic jewelry collection at Melorra and rock the season with your bold look.