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Zippershipper's Option to Purchase Zippers by the Yard Solves Custom Needs of Hobbyists and Professionals

Friday, September 4, 2020

What do #5, #3, coil, closed end and open end all mean? Why is it that there are lots of choices for zippers out there? If you a professional or hobbyist planning to buy zippers by the yard from Zipper Shipper, there are several things you have to consider as well as terms that you should be familiar with before you make your final decision.

Construction of Zippers

Let’s begin with the basic breakdown of the construction of zippers. Zippers are basically two nylon tape strips held together by the chain composed of interlocking teeth. To close or open the chain, there is a pull tab or slider. There is a stop at the bottom and top of the chain to prevent the slider from being detached from the chain. There is usually a small tape extension at the bottom and top of the zipper.

Zipper Types

You have probably noticed that zippers come in different variations. These are usually broke down into d├ęcor, craft, and apparel zippers but there are lots of overlap. Simply because the zipper has been labeled as craft zipper won’t mean that you cannot use it for apparel and the other way around. Zippers can be categorized according to the length, chain type, and stop type.

A stop can be found at the bottom of the zipper so that the slider won’t go off the zipper. It can be either a closed end or open end stop. An open end stop lets the zipper be opened with the slider kept on the other end of the zipper. If you will be making a jacket or sweatshirt, an open ended stop is preferred to allow opening the front of the garment. If a box cushion or zipper pouch is being made, a closed end zipper is a better option.

Rows of interlocking teeth that form a chain hold the strips of nylon tape together. Chains come in three types namely metal, vislon and coil. Coil chains feature small teeth and are often the most flexible. Meanwhile, vislon chains are plastic with bigger teeth, more durability but less flexibility. Metal chains feature metal teeth and are durable and strong.

The names of different zipper types all feature two numbers. The first number is often the length of the zipper so a zipper with 9” in its name has a length of 9 inches. The length of zipper that you will buy is dependent on the project’s size. Out of all the different variables you have to consider when buying zippers, length could be the easiest to decide on.

The second number followed by the actual number sign will tell you the chain’s width in millimeters. A #3 zipper means it has 3 mm wide chain while a #5 zipper got a 5 mm wide chain. You can expect better flexibility from a #3 compared to #5 although it might not be that strong.

Thanks to Zipper Shipper, buying zippers by the yard has now become easier than ever.