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The Best-selling Hens Party Supplies of 2020

Monday, December 21, 2020

2020 is certainly not the year any of us expected it would be, especially for the ones who planned to tie the knot. From postponed weddings to cancelled hens parties, brides have been through the wringer this year. Leaving all the craziness behind, somehow brides still managed to find safe and fun ways to celebrate their last night of freedom. We saw some of the most creative hens party celebrations such as virtual bachelorette parties, staycations, and more that we haven’t come across in a long time. So, here we are sharing our 2020’s most loved hens party supplies that can help you plan a memorable hens party.

Devil Willy Balloon

These adorable willy balloons come in a dark pink colour with a cartoon willy with devil horns and tail printed onto the balloon in white. It comes singularly for sale, and you can buy as many as you need. You can either fill these balloons with air or helium, and it will definitely make your hens party a day to remember.

Hens Party Sashes

Our bridal party sashes are available for the bride, bridesmaid, maid of honour, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom. These sashes are made from quality fuscia pink satin and are perfect for hens parties or bridal showers. They are 10cm wide, and 156cm long joined and sit across the body from shoulder to just below the hip. They come with the words, bridesmaid, maid of honour, mother of the bride, and mother of the groom printed respectively across the front in white and cute hearts are printed on each side of the text.

Chalkboard Sticker Label

Chalkboard sticker label is one of the hot-selling hens party supplies of 2020. These labels can be used to label gift bags, food, games and activities for Hens nights, Bachelorette Parties and any fun event. Each pack contains ten adhesive labels which can be written on with chalk.

Adult Hens Party Charades

If you are looking for a fun hens night activity, these adult hens party charades are the best option. It is an awesome fun adults-only version of the classic party game. This package comes with 80 Charade cards (480 charades), a one-minute timer and a score pad. Players can act out like different characters mentioned and try to get their teammates to guess as many answers as possible each turn within a minute. The team with the most correct answers after each player has performed thrice is declared the winner.

Heart shape Blackboard Stand

The love heart blackboard stand is a classy and sophisticated hens party decoration that you can’t go wrong with. The heart stand is approximately 36cm high (including stand) and 16cm wide at its widest point. You can use it on tables to label food, games, activities, and more.

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