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Top Cologne Brands for Men

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Gentleman, no matter your kind of job and whatever your hands find doing, you shouldn’t sleep on smelling as nice as you can. As a man, you are expected to put on the best of your ‘A-game’ when it comes to looking good, either casually or professionally. You shouldn’t slack in the area of smelling nice as well, even if it is not for the ladies, but at least for nice compliments from people. However, it is understandable that choosing a particular one to wear can be quite challenging, whether you are a loyalist or an explorer.

This article helps you explore different top cologne brand options for men but first, let’s learn about cologne generally. Check also, which offers a lot of advice and information about men's fashion and style. 

Divisions of Fragrances

Fragrances specifically designed to be worn are mostly divided into three categories: ‘fugiere’ or ‘fresh’, ‘woody’, ‘oriental’ or ‘spicy’, and ‘floral’. There are also divisions into notes.

  •  Top notes are the first smell you come across and dispel when you first make the spray.
  • Heart notes are the smells that come after top notes.
  •  Base notes are the smells that you carry around, the smell that lingers the most on your skin and clothes after spraying.

You should also know that colognes are also categorized based on how strong they can be perceived:

  •  Eau de cologne is the lightest fragrance
  •  Eau de toilette is quite stronger than eau de cologne
  •  Eau de perfume is the strongest one and usually lasts longer than the first two.

Hey! It is alright if you do not know about all that before now. However, you do not even need all that to wear cologne. But knowing these categorizations help you shuffle, narrow and, make your choices. It might sound funny, but the best way to make your cologne choice is by your nose. But if you are looking to change your collection or add to it, you can make your pick from these top cologne brands we’ve put together for you.

  • Jaguar Classic Black

This brand comes with a fresh, aromatic smell and combines citrus' bits and green apple scents. If you are one to like natural fragrances, this is a very good choice. It is versatile and attractive across all ages. This cologne not only smells nice but also pocket-friendly with an average price of $11.

  • Gucci Guilty Eau Pour Homme

Even a day-old baby probably knows the ‘Gucci’ brand. This cologne from the company has this great scent that is unique amongst many other colognes. Reviews from users over time testified to its all-day, long-lasting feature. It is just perfect for casual wear with average pricing of $50.

  • Creed Aventus Fragrance

Creed cologne is a very unique, rich, and, fruity fragrance. You only need very little to enact the impact you want, but rest assured that will get noticed. 100% authentic, it is a luxury cologne worthy of your collection as a perfect gentleman. With variants from oil to spray and different sizes, the price can range from $50 to $180.

  • Versace Eros Eau De parfum

You might probably want to consider a trip to Italy with this brand of cologne. Its bright, Italian lemon top note, garnished with bergamot and mint, distinguishes it from other brands. Its woody fragrance category comprises cedarwood, sandalwood and, patchouli to give it just the perfect sexy quality. Starting at $80 this cologne offers value for money.

  • Dior Homme Eau De Toilette

This particular brand of cologne doesn’t have many because it is common and usually seems like an obvious choice for men’s collections. This is because its top note exudes pure masculinity from the first scent, but hey, who cares about ‘commonness’? Cedar and Vetiver combined in this cologne expresses an ‘earthly’ natural smell that you can never go wrong with it. What is better than to wear what makes you feel innately masculine? Also sometimes coming in a set this cologne pricing starts at $60.

  • Jo Malone London HuntsMan

This cologne is known to be perfect for the winter season, this cologne is an exquisite blend of the aromatic-woody scent. It comes in a very sensible but durable bottle and, to a very large extent, recreates the aura of a good whisky bottle. Another advantage is the ability to mix with other scents comfortably without smelling off or weird. It’s the kind you want to put on immediately after a fresh bath. Averaging at $100, this cologne longevity and shell life obviously merit its price.

  • Polo Ralph Lauren Red Eau De Parfum

This twin version of the Polo Blue cologne from the Polo Ralph Lauren brand tops our chat. It fuses the woody and spicy category in one. Give yourself and those around you a warm cozy feeling with this cologne and find yourself feeling like the perfect sensation wherever you go. With an average price of $70, this sure has to be in every man’s wardrobe.

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