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Tips to Style Patches

Thursday, July 15, 2021

There are many types of patches that you can put on your clothes or accessories. But before you start applying them, it is important to know the benefits and limitations of each patch type. It's also important to understand how to place your patch correctly, so it doesn't look awkward or out of place when worn - this article will provide some tips on how to do just that!


How to Style Patches

Patches are small pieces of fabric that can be pinned or sewn onto clothes to add flair. Patch outfits are when a small item is attached to an oversized one. Men can assertively style patches knowing they are good with their posture and sense of belonging.

Denim Jacket

One of the best surfaces for a patch to be sewed onto is denim because it draws maximum attention. After coordinating a simple tee with your favorite pair of jeans, the next task is choosing which patches to wear.

As you go through your stash, it's worth considering how subtle or strong each design should be and where this patchwork will be positioned on your clothing for maximum effect.


Adding patches to your shoes can be a great way to add interest, avoid the déjà vu feeling of holding on to an old pair of shoes, and keep new kicks looking fresh. This will surely make people in the crowd look at you as if you're a celebrity.


You can create a unique, funky look with patches by experimenting with different types of threads and stitching. Men can style denim with different colors in patches by wearing them appropriately. The popularity of patches on denim jackets has led to increased numbers and styles available. The best way to make any jacket trendy is with patches.

Track Jacket

This track jacket with patching is always a good idea. To add patches to a jacket, get some contrasting fabric and sew them on.


Although wearing a patched tee shirt is usually an easy way to introduce this trend in your wardrobe, it's important to be careful before purchasing one. Men can turn old t-shirts into a patchwork shirt by gluing patches on.

Military Jacket

For years, the military jacket has had its distinct look and setting other than just being an item of clothing.  Today, a military patch on a jacket is a powerful symbol that would say something about the wearer. To make your style more popular, you can wear a patched jacket.

Biker Jacket

Style-conscious leather biker jackets have always been in the mainstream. You can create such a jacket by using trendy patches for jackets and vests that portray your personality, interests, and professionalism. They make it easy to add or remove patches based on your mood, work dress code, and social setting. Paired with a top that you're comfortable wearing around town, this jacket is perfect for outdoor adventures.


A hoodie can easily be paired with a patch to give you an instant dapper look. It can be styled for any event. If you are into trends, it is a must-have.


This is one of the easiest and most attractive casuals looks for men because it is simple to do yet still fashionable. A patch typically can be matched with various clothing pieces, including t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts.


Patches on shirts are a stylish and trendy way to accessorize your outfit. They're a great, inexpensive way to express personal style and give clothes more character. When picking the color, it is important to remember that selecting clashing colors will not create a pleasing contrast.


Its practicality and trendy appeal back the popularity of the patch backpack. Style patches are believed to be apparel exclusively for college students, but they make for fashionable yet practical accessories that anyone can enjoy.


Threads for Patches

When repairing a leather material, make sure the thread used to sew together scraps of the material is made without cotton. One way to do this is by using nylon or polyester thread when holding two leather pieces together to stitch them together with an overcast (or saddle) style stitch.

The most common thread of the general public is cotton and polyester, and it is also the majority among sewers.

Choosing the type of thread, you're going to use for sewing on your leather is important because it can react with the tanning process. When thread and tannin come into contact with each other, they will slowly deteriorate from one another.

When sewing leather, always use 100% nylon or polyester thread as these are more durable and resistant to tearing.

It is also important to choose a type of thread that matches the main material.



The hardest part is picking which patch to put on. Picking the perfect patches can be hard, but don't forget about patting your back and giving yourself a little reward after all that hard work! And, of course, make sure to take care of any loose threads before you go out in public - there's nothing worse than having a thread dangling from your sweater when someone compliments it...except maybe trying to find an unpatched hole one day down the line. We hope this has been helpful for you today, and happy styling! Here are some final thoughts for you as we wrap up our blog post.

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