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How to Know If You Are Truly Obsessed with Anime

Tuesday, November 16, 2021

There are plenty of people who appreciate good anime. There are others who go beyond appreciation to show genuine love. Then there are those who are obsessed. They are what that anime and manga communities refer to as 'otaku'. Do you fall into that last category?

To be truly otaku, you have to be so obsessed with anime and manga that most other things in your life don't matter. It turns out that some otaku people consider the designation a badge of honor. They are happy to be known as otaku among their friends and peers.

Do you want to know if you are truly obsessed? If so, here are six signs suggesting you might be otaku:

1. You've Named Kids after Characters

A lot of people think that anime and manga are just for children. They do not realize how many millions of adults consume them. As an adult, there is a good chance you are obsessed if you've named a child after a favorite character. Seriously. That is going a little bit too far. It is no different than an obsessed football fan naming his son after the star quarterback.

2. You've Named Pets after Characters

These days, it is not unusual for couples to wait longer to have kids. In the interim, they have pets instead. So what does this mean? It means you could be otaku if you've named your pets after anime or manga characters. Doing so is not as bad as naming your kids after characters, but it's not far behind.

3. You Watch for More Than Three Hours at a Time

A typical sports fan can sit in front of a football or baseball game for three hours without flinching. The same goes for watching a really good TV miniseries or a live theater production. But three hours is about the limit. So if you typically watch anime, uninterrupted, for more than three hours at a time, you may be obsessed with it. If those three hours turns into seven or eight, it is no longer a question.

4. You Only Wear Anime Clothing

Wearing your favorite anime T-shirts and sweatshirts from Umai is normal. We expect that from anime fans. But if your entire wardrobe consists of nothing but anime clothing and accessories, there may be a problem. You may be an otaku. By the same token, we would say anyone who's an entire closet with nothing but steampunk is obsessed with that particular pop-culture genre.

5. Your Phone Is Filled with Anime Music

The music you listen to on your phone says a great deal about who you are. You may be obsessed with anime if your phone is filled with songs from your favorite series. One or two songs is okay if they are especially catchy, but a library of hundreds of anime songs reveals what you really think about most often.

6. Anime Interrupts Your Social Gatherings

Does your love of anime and manga keep you from participating in social activities? Would you rather sit home and watch hour after hour of your favorite anime series than get together with friends and family? If so, this is no joke. All the other signs mentioned in this post have been offered somewhat tongue-in-cheek. This is serious. If anime is getting in the way of social interaction, there is a good chance your level of obsession could be harmful.

Being otaku is a badge of honor to some anime lovers. That's okay as long as it's not interfering with normal life. If anime is interfering, you may need to step back.

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